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Necklace in silver and gold loops basalt

replica of the necklace offered by the Hon President of the Portuguese Replública Dr. Anibal Cavaco Silva and his wife ...

The black basalt that embraces us since the origin of everything in the Azores is the inspiration for the creations of goldsmith.

The volcanic rock, the ground we walk and the sea that binds us, enriched with gold or silver crafted, is framed in beautiful and precious jewelry made by hand of the creator Paul Valley.

The colors, brightness and texture of the basalt give these parts a very boldness of the most modern creations formed by the more laborious talent.

At the same time, the simplicity of the work makes these contemporary jewelry can be used as an accessory or addition to the daily.

By combining this natural element, simple but powerful, and, above all, genuine and distinctly Portuguese, Paul Valley shows through the artistic creations rather his way of being and its parent piece of land in the middle of the Atlantic.

Paulo do Vale was formed in Porto in jewelery and is, par excellence, a goldsmith artisan profession that accumulates with the evaluator and the official assayer of the mint and keeper of the treasure of the Holy Christ of Miracles, one of the largest devotional treasures of Europe.

New Pieces

Pendants Specific
Gold and silver Choker basalt
Necklace in silver oxidized


21 Jun 2012

VIP Awards / president of the republic traditional winner 2012

Delivery to Paulo do Vale VIP Awards / president of the republic’s traditional category in 2012 at the Palace of the Citadel of Cascais.